That Auction Girl!

Vanessa Thanos is a young and attractive woman with a vibrant on-stage personality that excels in the art of fast calling. She developed the talent at the early age of 10 while growing up working at her family’s Christmas tree lot in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Vanessa has always been fascinated with the world of auctioning. During college, she had the opportunity to further her passion by interning at Christie’s in Beverly Hills, CA and Sotheby’s in Madrid while studying abroad in Spain. It was while working at these prestigious auction houses Vanessa gained the knowledge of auctioning fine wines and art. Her internships and early exposure to the world of auctioning led Vanessa to pursue formal training at the Missouri Auction School shortly after graduating from Colby College in 2005. The Missouri Auction School is the oldest and largest auction school in the world. From Great Britain to Japan, they have an international reputation for producing top auctioneers in all fields. According to Newsweek, they are “the Harvard of Auctioneering.”

Vanessa is well trained, cultured and experienced in handling all types of events. She is even fluent in both Spanish and Greek. Vanessa is available to travel anywhere in the world to make your next auction a success!